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Need security you can take with you? TattleTale® is the answer! Sommer's Mobile Leasing offers the world’s only transportable cellular security system with high performance wireless sensors. TattleTale® is manufactured in the United States and offers a two year limited warranty. This one smart little box is . . .

Easy to use . . . just plug it in!

  • 60 seconds and you are ready to arm
  • Call us and tell us where you are
  • 24 hour wireless monitoring nationwide

Built in:

Sealed - the TattleTale® cannot be opened


  • Auto Sid – Automatic Roaming
  • Cellemetry Wireless Transmission technology
  • Rattlesnake Tamper-proof technology
  • Motion Detector – TattleTale® works with or without sensors
  • 115 decibel Siren
  • Rechargeable Battery back up

Automatic safety features:

  • Cell service light – indicates that TattleTale® has cell service
  • Calling light – indicates that a call has been received
  • Strobe light – indicates that the premises have been breached


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